Kvarner is one of the world’s best destinations for bluefin tuna fishing, which is the main catch during our tours. We have the tuna permit, so in addition to the catch & release fishing, we can keep the more beautiful specimens of this magnificent fish. We suggest that you leave the decision on the fishing location, method, and time to us, considering that the quality of fishing depends both on the part of the year and on the current conditions (position of the moon, movement of the schools of small fish…).

Fishing includes the following:

– Fuel
– Equipment
– Chum
– Beverages
– Food

Big-game excursion price:
EUR 850(up to four people, with possible different arrangement)


Tiara 35 open: the boat is equipped for big game fishing, as well as fishing with light fishing gear..

Technical data: Length – 12.80 m / width – 4.10 m / capacity – 12 persons / beds – 5 / drive – 2×370 HP / speed – 20 kn cruising, 30 kn max / consumption – 4 l/nm / autonomy – 350 nm 

Equipment: Fish finder – GPS / radar / autopilot / fridge / freezer / toilet / galley / live bait tank / generator / trolling valves / optional lighting for night fishing / Minn Kota electric anchor /


Captain Igor Felker

A sport and professional fisherman, author of fishing films and the book “Rogi ribaru”, author of several hundred pages of texts about fishing and shipbuilding in renowned Croatian magazines, a long-time underwater fisherman.

Danijel Jurković

A sport fisherman with a many years of valuable experience in navigating and fishing with various fishing tools.

Reservation inquiry

You will receive an e-mail reply with information about the availability and any other information as soon as possible. The reservation is confirmed after the received advance payment. In case of bad weather, the decision on which is made by the captain, the advance payment will be refunded to you or you can choose another available date.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we are fishing for big specimens, it is necessary to explore a large territory. If it is not the time of the full moon, we often leave very early (3-4 a.m) to reach the sardine fishing boats. Tuna is also very often fed by these boats. When the moon is full and these boats do not sail out, later departure is scheduled (6-8 a.m.). There are also options when we depart even later, with the possibility of staying overnight. We kindly recommend that you adapt to our decision on the departure time, so that we would have the greatest chance of catching tuna.
In theory, the fishing trip lasts 8 hours. If we catch the fish, we will also return earlier. However, as we really like catching the fish, if the weather permits and the atmosphere on board is good, we tend to fish all day long, that is, until we catch one.
In any case, adequate clothing and shoes. Beverages will be provided on board (water, wine, beer, cola…). If you have any special requests, please let us know. When it comes to food, we will provide meal packs (cold cuts, ready-made fish products, etc.). You can also bring your own food, there is a large fridge and a freezer on board.
Yes, the toilet is very spacious.
Generally yes, but that decision is made by the captain. The boat has a large bow with a sunbathing area for several people.
The boat. We usually give our guests a piece of the tuna we caught that is large enough for their lunch.
Yes, the price includes fuel, chum (we take up to 70 kilos of sardines to the sea), use of the equipment, as well as beverages and snacks that are consumed.
You can for catching smaller fish, but not for catching tuna, as we need to be sure of the condition of the equipment used for fishing. The exception is tuna spinning (popping).
That is up to you to assess. Tuna fishing is long-lasting and often very exhausting. Although we have beds on board where you can rest, we do not recommend this type of fishing for people who are not sure if the exertion will present a problem. You have to understand that, even though you are paying for the fishing trip, this activity is profitable for us only if we catch fish often enough. Early departure from the sea is a very bad option for us. And for you as well if you really want to catch tuna.
No! You must know that you are going fishing for a trophy fish. There is a chance that we will not catch a fish, but also a possibility that we will fight more than one of them in one day. In the season, the chance of a catch varies from 50 to 80%. If you are not ready for the possibility of not catching a fish, it might be better to decide for the half-day fishing trip, during which we always catch something. Tuna fishing is for people who are both patient and prone to adrenaline activities.
Yes, with prior agreement, depending on your expectations and at the captain’s discretion.

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